The Proven Sports Agency for NFL Offensive Lineman and Elite Athletes

Elite Loyalty Sports is a minority-owned sports agency representing the Elite offensive lineman and athletes in professional sports. Over the last decade, we have successfully negotiated record-breaking contracts that are ranked as the highest-paid in NFL History for an offensive lineman, including Trent Williams 6-year $138 million contracts.

Our approach to athlete representation IS DISTINCT. Our focus is quality over quantity with an aim to provide substance and depth. We value personal relationships with our athletes and their family members. We take pride in Loyalty so much that it’s a part of our brand.

Elite Loyalty Sports Facts


Combined Years of Playing Experience


All-Pro Selections
2 First & 6 Second Team


Total Pro Bowl Selections


Forbes Top Paid Athletes’ Appearances


Over $700 Million in Contract Value


$350 Million in Contract Guarantees


Underclassmen to Play in the NFL


Highest Paid Offensive Lineman in the History


Most Contract Value in 2021 Free Agency Valued at $168M


Richest Contract for a Wide Receiver in 2021 Free Agency


In Contracts Negotiated Since December 2020


To negotiate guaranteed money in year 3 of a rookie contract ('19)


Represent the Highest Paid Undrafted FA in NFL History (Jason Peters)

8 of 13

Represented the Highest Paid Offensive Lineman 8 of the Last 13 years


to Negotiate $12M+, $13M+ & $23M+ Contracts for Offensive Lineman


Has Had a Player Drafted in Every Round of the NFL Draft


Represented & Negotiated Contract at Every Position Except a Kicker, Punter & Long Snapper


Top 2021 NBA FA Contracts for Malik Beasley 4yrs, $60M




Negotiated National TV Commercial for 2nd Year Offensive Lineman Solomon Kindley


Draft Preparation

Draft Preparation

Our first priority is working together with you to personalize a specific plan that will position you to prepare accordingly for the next phase in your career.
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Contract Negotiations

Contract Negotiations

Using years of experience and creative negotiation strategies, we are able to maximize your career earnings and ensure you are rewarded for your on and off-the-field performances.
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Marketing & Media

Marketing & Media

Our brand and marketing team work with you to expand on your passions and monetize your performance to ensure you have a lasting impact on and off the fields and long after your playing career is over.
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Career Planning

Career Planning

Wondering what life after football or basketball looks like? We work with you to ensure you have a career roadmap and ensure you are living out your passion long after your playing days are over.
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Athlete Brands

Creating a More Successful You

Our approach isn’t about representation, but instead about building a partnership and roadmap for your success.

From day one, our relationship is built on honesty, loyalty, and dedication. Every step in your career, whether that be in draft preparation, contract negotiations, marketing, or career planning, is forged through a commitment to serve you and your family’s best interests. 

Every Little Inch takes effort

Elite Loyalty was established in 2007. Our foundation was built from loyalty, commitment to our clients and our clients to us in every phase of life.
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