What We Do

We Help you Build a Roadmap to Success IN EVERY PHASE OF YOUR CAREER

Elite Mentality

Your Path to Success


Draft Preparation

Our first priority is working together with you to personalize a specific plan that will position you to prepare accordingly for the next phase in your career.

Contract Negotiations

Committed to maximizing our clientโ€™s earnings over their entire professional career. Our clientsโ€™ on-field performance and execution of our creative agreements have driven our company to excel and grow.


Marketing & Media Relations

Premiere representation to professional athletes interested in maximizing their value both on and off the field. Our focus is to understand each clientโ€™s particular needs, practices, and objectives to implement a customized and measurable marketing program that complements the athlete.


Career Planning

Our team of experts will prepare and provide you with the skills necessary to maximize your career opportunities and beyond.

Load Management

Business Management Consulting

As a professional athlete, you are our business’ most valuable asset. Our load management services assist athletes in maximizing and preserving the effectiveness of such an asset.

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